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Campaign 90

Dear Fellow Ranchers:
The KD House prospers and continues to ensure that future generations of young men will share the KD experience while providing KD Alumni “a home” to visit when they return to the MTU campus. In anticipation of the 90th KD Anniversary Reunion in summer of 2011 we are transitioning Campaign 85 into Campaign 90 Fund Drive and ask KD Alumni to please provide financial support to ensure the continued Independent KD tradition and celebrate a successful campaign at our 90th reunion.



RECENT RENOVATIONS (as of November 2010)
Active members and Alumni have worked hard to make Kappa Delta Psi a leading respected organization and to maintain the House as a safe, inviting place too live, study and grow. Highlights of the House improvement work funded by the KD Building Fund that have taken place in recent years include (Labor provided by):

• Renovated the Dining Room (Quality workmanship by House Members)
• Installed linoleum tile in basement Dance room/ Red bar room (Pledge Project)
• Added additional insulation to Sauna (House Members)
• Restoration of Front Stairs; Sanding, staining and reinforcement (Pledge Project/House Members)
• Built new bar in Front/ Pool room (House Members)
• New boiler heating system installed (KD Building Fund)
• Renovated the Library (KD Building Fund)
• Partially renovated the Kitchen (KD Building Fund)
• Replaced destroyed porch with a wooden deck (KD Alumni)
• Refurbished TV Room (Pledge project)
• Renovated Barroom (Pledge project)
• Installed new fire escape and upgraded fire prevention/safety systems (KD Building Fund)
• Refurbished basement shower (Pledge project)
• Renovated two 2nd Deck bathrooms (Pledge project)
• Installed LAN system to provide high-speed internet connections for all in-house members (House Members)
• Refurbished 2nd Floor Deck and refinished Floors (House Members)
• Repainted 2nd Floor (Pledge project)
• Sand and weather sealed front porch deck (House Members)
• Pong Room Renovation (House Members)
• Tree removal and trimming (KD Building Fund)

The KD Building Fund Board of Directors is the alumni group that continually interacts with and advises the current leadership of the House. The Board and the changing House leadership have actively guided the House with a no-nonsense attitude since 1999. The result is that the House is a well-respected organization on campus with a diverse membership producing good grades and other achievements. Many alumni celebrated this renewed KD spirit at our 85th Anniversary reunion in 2006. It is from the momentum of that reunion that we launched the fundraiser we now title Campaign 90. We will build on the financial and advisory support of the Kappa Delta Psi Alumni to help the Fraternity complete its First Century as a leading MTU Greek Organization. The official launch of this fund drive was June, 2006 with the 85th reunion and our goal is to raise $90,000 by our 90th reunion in 2011.
The KD Building Fund Board of Directors has identified three specific areas where we can support the current membership in attracting the new KD membership and preserve our House by initiating the “90” Campaign.

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The KD Alumni created the first fraternity-endowed scholarship fund (“The Kappa Delta Psi Social Fraternity Alumni and Friends Endowed Scholarship”) to acknowledge demonstrated leadership and scholarship. Numerous MTU fraternities have tried to copy this fund, but none have had the support demonstrated by the KD Alumni. The current house leadership has assured the Board of Directors that these scholarships will give them an advantage when recruiting new members. As the costs for higher education continue to rise, members will have to the opportunity to compete for significant scholarship awards. Two members will each receive $1000 scholarships each year from this KD Scholarship endowment.
Thanks to generous alumni contributions and to excellent stewardship by the Michigan Tech Fund the KD Scholarship Fund has grown from $55,151.68 as of July 1, 2006 to $81,893 in November 2010. This included providing scholarship awards to two members annually. We are well on our way to our $30,000 goal in this campaign to ensure we provide annual scholarships to active KDs who demonstrate the qualities we want to see in our younger Brothers.

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The House is owned by the KD Alumni. In July, 2007, we refinanced with Wells Fargo Bank and used $7,125 already raised in this campaign to reduce the mortgage note to $59,722. Wells Fargo carries this 5-year balloon payment note at 8.25% per year. We have a note because we cannot obtain a true mortgage on a fraternity house. This note can be called at any renewal, but thanks to a community-oriented bank management, our payments on the note, and our continuing high standing in the MTU Greek community, Wells Fargo continues to roll this note over when due.
We want to reduce this note by at least $30,000. The resulting smaller financial liability will make it easier to pay the note off if it is ever called and the reduced payments will provide for a better cash position to fund future house improvements.

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The house is in fair condition for a building that is over 105 years old and that has been the August Portals of Kappa Delta Psi since 1963. In the past 20 plus years many improvements have been made by members and by contractors employed by the KD Building Fund (a number of these projects were listed). Still, much remains to be done (and perhaps, new surprises will arise). The following projects have been identified as priorities to continue improving the House in the next few years:

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KD Alumni have maintained a tight bond of brotherhood throughout their lifetimes and recognize these friendships were born while being Active members of the KD Fraternity. Some alumni recognize that lessons learned at the KD House had a positive influence in subsequent career success. They experienced leadership and teamwork opportunities that were training grounds for later career challenges. Others had the support of their Brothers through difficult periods. And most KDs especially remember the “fun” in sharing the “good times” with their KD Brothers.
Kappa Delta Psi continues to Pride itself as a truly independent fraternity that has no national support and for 85 plus years has depended on its alumni for counsel and financial support. And for 85 plus years the Alumni have been there to maintain their fraternity. Since 1999 Alumni have contributed over $127,000.00 and already in Campaign 90 over $41,000 ($26,742 to the KD Scholarship Fund, $7,125 to the Mortgage Reduction Fund and $7,280 for House Improvements) or 45% of our goal as of November 2010.Therefore, the KD Building Fund believes that KD Alumni will continue to generously support the Campaign 90 Fund Drive and achieve our campaign goals.We ask each KD Alumni to remember their time in the House and recommit financial support to ensure the KDs will continue to be leaders on the MTU campus so future young men have the opportunity to share in the benefits of the KD Brotherhood.

Thank you,

KD Building Fund Board of Directors

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